Saturday, 21 September 2019

Losing weight - with the Goddess!

No offence, Venus of Willendorf.
I just had my annual check up at the MD recently, and was delighted to find out that since I last saw her, I had shed 18 lbs!

I believe I had developed metabolic problems from a previous antipsychotic, where while I had been off the drug for a while, I could never seem to lose more than a couple of pounds at a time, only to gain them back once again soon later.  I am 5'5" - at my heaviest on this shit, I was just under 200 lbs, but I was able to slim down to just under 180, on most days, with a new drug.  Metabolic issues must have been the reason I wasn't able to go lower, thanks to these horrible drugs and their often permanent side effects.  I had tried exercising more and dietary changes, but still I remained heavier than I wanted to be.  I grew my hair long so I could rock an earth goddess look with these curves, because I felt awkward with my once short pixie at this weight, and decided my days of slenderness were long gone, thanks to fucking psychiatry.

After invoking the Goddess with help from the Virgin Mary (who works directly with Her), I considered that the Goddess works closer to the material world than the God, at least She does in systems like Kabbalah, as an example.  Perhaps the Goddess could help work on my body, which I wasn't sure what to do with anymore?  So I prayed for a higher metabolism, because it seemed like I had that of a woman much older than me, and nothing was changing based on my lifestyle adjustments.

Months later (TMI - sorry about this!) I noticed I began to defecate up to three times a day - I had never been this regular in my life.  Before, it was usually once a day, now it felt like I was relieving myself of more garbage throughout the day than ever before.  My clothes began to feel a bit looser, and I was certain at least 10 lbs had lifted.  Only slight changes to my routine had been made, and I still eat a lot of stuff I probably shouldn't if I was to seriously crack down on weight loss in a more conventional way.  I don't do hard exercise like weightlifting or cardio, but I do tend to walk everywhere, being a downtown city dweller, so not much had changed with my routine.  So I honestly believe my prayers to the Goddess were answered, and she is adjusting things in my body that need to change so I can know a healthier version of myself again.

My current weight is 161 lbs, which isn't super slim but I never thought I would see numbers even like that again.  Now it's easier to find cute clothes that actually fit me.  I still do what I can, when I can think of it, to help my body slim down - taking salads over french fries at restaurants, for example - but I am convinced forces are at play to help with this as well.  My MD was pleasantly surprised, because she knew this was an ongoing challenge for me.


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