Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Blessing alcohol...

Having experimented with blessing water, thus creating Holy Water (particularly whenever I have a nice hot soak in the tub), I wondered what might happen if I blessed booze and sipped on that.  Holy Water tends to create a reaction in me when I splash myself with it or consume it, as though any remaining darkness of what I had to deal with is reacting to it.  At karaoke last night, I blessed my pilsners.  The results were interesting.

I took a sip of the Holy Steamwhistle and had a different reaction to blessed alcohol than with blessed water - a message came through that Spirit reacts differently when alcohol is blessed, than with water.  (I guess that's why Anglicans love their wine at the Eucharist?)  I got the sense that this was a good idea for helping me become clear of murkiness - now, every time, no matter the drink, I am going to bless my beverage.  Hope I don't get a hangover while I remove what remains of my spiritual troubles.  But it's at least a fun way of going about things.  I guess I am the Tank Girl of mystics!

Slow to update on here... life has mostly been about social activities and taking a break from creative pursuits, now that Asylum Squad is finished.  I have to put together the final book, save money for printing, and plan the book launch.  I might give it until October the knuckle down on that.  My Our Lady of Fatima costume looks like it's going to be pretty cool - I got an item that will work for the Sacred Heart portion, I should get to work on finishing that project too.

Again, my inner world is so mystical and strange that I expect some who read this blog might think I'm the weirdest manic pixie dream girl of all time, but I don't care.  I am having fun, and creating humour and joy with it.  The 60 mg of Latuda is proving to be safe - so no worries there.  I think I will stay at this dose for at least 6 months to a year before trying 40 mg.  No matter the health of a brain, once these drugs are in it, it's important that tapering down be a gradual process.


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