Thursday, 15 August 2019

The Secret Power of Cats...

Some interesting insights I am channeling about the feline world from the Spirit, since cats have captivated the minds of the internet, and have always had a powerful place in my heart:

Sciences suggest that there's some kind of microbe (or something) in cat shit that makes people either crazy about cats, or just plain crazy, hence the crazy cat lady stereotype.  It takes a certain kind of feline to turn around a cat hater and make them into a cat lover - I know of several people who didn't think much of these impish little munchkins until the right cat came into their lives, now these people are basically waiting on them hand and foot.  One person is my dear stepdad, who loved dogs, but after his papillon died, Mom convinced him to get a couple of cats, and since then their black cat Luigi has basically pussy whipped him into being the cat's servant.  My stepdad begrudgingly refers to these cats as "the farm animals" but still loves 'em to death.

We've all heard that the Egyptians saw these animals as godlike - I was curious about that, knowing how modern man still idolizes them, in some way or another.  When I channel about that, there's some kind of interesting relationship cats have with Divinity, as a kind of link to it in some way in which they work with it, which I guess Ancient Egypt recognized.  Also interesting is that cats have miraculous powers to charm other creatures into getting what they want out of them.  Not domesticated the same way as dogs, cats saw what humans were doing, saw an opportunity there, and approached us.  In my opinion they are not sociopathic, I would say they're more narcissistic, they are among the more self serving creatures in the animal kingdom.  A cat may be your pet, but to the cat, you are their servant.  This is the joke with cat lovers... turns out, it's more than a joke!

Cats will often do playful, silly things to charm their humans into getting creature comforts out of them - also, they delight in how odd and funny we seem to them, just as we see them as odd and funny.  They don't exactly respect us the way dogs do - they like us, but they see us as theirs.

For fun, I psychically read about an article I saw about cats given dinosaur trims for the summer, where they were buzzed to look like a stegosaurus.  The funniest answers came out of it - most of these cats were horribly embarrassed by the cuts, one liked it because it was fat and it felt good for the summer, but one was so angry it later shat all over stuff around the house, and caused problems in other ways.

It's funny how we can forgive cats for the annoying things they do - if a human were to act like the way a cat does sometimes, we'd smack 'em in the head, unless they were Catwoman or something.  I guess they really do have charismatic powers.


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