Thursday, 15 August 2019

Jury duty summons: Good sign?

Some "fun stuff" in the mail today - a jury duty summons - boy oh boy!  (I had had some survey thing from this a while ago, and filled it out because it seemed pretty critical that I do so, out of the fear of what I could be hit with if I didn't.  Today I opened my mailbox and found this.  It was a bit of a groaner, knowing what I know about how annoying these things can be, but after talking to my mother I decided it was probably a good sign that all is well with the legal system and I.)

When I consult the Spirit on this one, it suggests that I should consider this a very positive sign, and that if I end up serving, it could even improve how the legal system views me in society.  It's possible I could get out of it - if this is a grizzly trial, it might be too much for me, I still being a bit sensitive psychologically.  We shall see.  It would be interesting to consult the Akashic Records on the events - if I do this, being a psychic I might have interesting insights into what the verdict should be.  Of course, I won't have my tarot deck in the courtroom, but I can fuck around with it in between court dates.

So mostly, despite these things being a pain for most, I am feeling rather good that I was at least considered viable for this... it means any troubles I had in the past with the system are probably deemed irrelevant right now.


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