Friday, 9 August 2019

First Pentacle of the Sun...

I ordered one of these from good old  because I got the sense it might be worth experimenting with a talisman that correlates with Archangel Metatron, the angel I work the most with.  I have worn Michael and Gabriel ones before (Catholic medals) but I guess they weren't effective as I saw no change while wearing them (I have with other talismans, such as the Benedictine Medal Crucifix, the Star of David, and the Virgin Mary medal - like I stated before, I believe that without a need, or at least without the approval of the Spirit, a talisman won't work).

Doing readings, I got the sense that using something affiliated with Metatron, such as this particular item, might improve my spiritual workings with the seraph if I wear it regularly.  I thought about a Metatron's Cube item, but I get the sense that a Greater Key of Solomon item would be symbolically much more sacred - I don't understand the origins of the Metatron's Cube design.  Usually I see New Age hippy stoners with that design around their neck... not sure what to make of that.

My understanding is that Spirit renders an item sacred, so this doesn't need to be some expensive thing ordered from a "shaman", as long as it bears the correct imagery on it.  Some other info I channeled regarding Metatron: that probably the only real reason I work well with him is that I had previously invoked Christ, who allows me to stabilize and ground under Metatron's influence without the risk of madness.  Metatron is apparently not easy to invoke - his influence can drive a person mad because of Metatron's level of Divinity if one isn't prepared for it, so often people can't even do it.  In my case, with the stabilizing Christ influence, Metatron actually was a healing force that lifted madness, made me smarter, wiser, more psychically gifted, among other blessings.  Of course, I am still on psych meds to ground as well, but even on those I can sense the healing going on in my mind from all of this, and suspect that with caution, meds will be a thing of the past one day, when I am ready.

Speaking of that - I am concerned that suddenly I may be without a psychiatrist, now that I have a cool one who listens to me.  No confirmation on this, only that she is halting work at the clinic I go to.  Hopefully she's just moving somewhere else.  If I have to switch to some knucklehead who preaches the chemical imbalance theory and med compliance, I am going to get a wee bit miserable.  I hate shrinks who work as shills for pharmaceutical companies and who represent the worst qualities of the medical world, which is what most of them are like, in my experience.  A mind as different as my own is regarded as inferior, simply because it's unusual... that's what they believe.  So sick of your shit, western medicine.  Sure, give me a cast if I break my leg, operate on me if I need surgery, but leave my mind alone... I like what it has become.


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