Monday, 5 August 2019

A beautiful confirmation sign in nature...

Here's a lovely sign I received yesterday while at a friend's place for a BBQ:

We were out on his patio, preparing burgers and chatting, when a bird began to chirp loudly from a nearby tree.  We looked up to behold a beautiful Northern Cardinal, which is a bird I have rarely, if ever, seen in person.  I wondered what it could mean.

I picked up my phone and Googled the symbolic meaning of the Cardinal, and the most common interpretation is that they are a symbol of communication with the spirit world, something I have recently refined with the Holy Spirit.  Then I grabbed my deck of tarot cards and drew the Emperor card, the archetype that best represents my recently deceased teacher friend, and channeled - "He's in touch, he watches over you from time to time, this is real!"  Interesting event that was a little nod from Spirit, it felt like a true confirmation, since Cardinals aren't as common as other bird species in this city.  The teacher friend visits often because he delights in the fact that we can converse, which I don't think he is able to do with anyone else, and the stuff I channel sometimes makes him laugh because it can be a bit wonky - I get a laughter response through my body.

Dad needs to come visit again soon, so I can try channeling a conversation with him as well.  He loved to travel in life, so perhaps he's visiting various famous sites right now.


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