Sunday, 21 July 2019

Psychic readings... with 'Dixit' cards!

Sometimes the major and minor arcana cards of the tarot are limited for my method of psychic interpretation with cards.  Oracle decks can sometimes add something, and I have several of those.  But lately, I am discovering the best new tool for my method is 'Dixit' game cards.

'Dixit' is my favourite board game of all time, right up there with 'Snake Oil' and 'Pictionary'.  Kind of like 'Balderdash' with pictures, in some ways, it's a game of intuition where you have to figure out what card the active player played based on a clue.  I won't describe all the mechanics of the game, only that it helps to be creative when playing, and it's a joyful, whimsical party game where everyone comes away in a good mood, regardless of outcome, unlike some games, like 'Risk' or 'Monopoly', which can lead to arguments.  'Dixit' is a blast, whether you win or lose, and it's often anyone's game, because of the mechanics.  I bought a copy of this game for my Jungian analyst as a gift one time, as it is the kind of thing a Jungian would eat up.

The cards have remarkable imagery on them, the kind of stuff you'd see in myth, fairy tales, or dreams, which is perfect for psychic interpretation.  While oracle decks can be limited to a couple of words and a random pic, these cards are a story in and of themselves - a picture is worth a thousand words, as the cliche goes, so here we have imagery that could be interpreted in a myriad of ways.

Using these cards (I have several expansion packs now) I am getting better insights about things to come for me, and others too, than even the classic tarot archetypes have been able to reveal.  This could be a lucrative novelty to my style, if I ever transition to professional reading, for I don't know of anyone else personally who has used 'Dixit' cards for psychic readings.  Heck, I could probably even use 'Cards Against Humanity' cards with the way I read, but that would be very cryptic at times (hipsters would love it, though).  These picture cards are probably my best means, better than tarot itself, for interpretation.

Other ways I read involve flipping through books until my eyes rest automatically on something, allowing channel to take over, explaining the message.  I am still refining my technique - blocks have been in both my heart centre and my third eye region - I think the heart one is gone now, I am working on ridding myself of the third eye block.  These are probably left over from my time with the demon.  I kind of figured out how to attune to receiving reiki from the sources I work with from using prayer.  Now when I pray for it and rest my hands over various areas of my body, I get the same convulsions and reactions I have been known to get on the reiki table with a strong reikiist working on me.  So that's what I have been up to for healing as of late - I think I had reached as far as what smudge alone can do for removal of certain problems.

Still not jumping to get psychic lady business cards made - that's an idea for one day though.  I'm practising on willing "tarot guinea pigs" at bars and karaoke, to see how consistently accurate I am so far.  People throw me a twenty or buy me a drink, but that's it for now.


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