Wednesday, 3 July 2019

One more item before my convent stay...

Just a l'il item I discovered at 'Value Village' today, in the costume jewellery section - a chain ring bracelet composed entirely of crosses, for just $1.99!  I had a Sacred Heart talisman I added to it with a metal loop.  Will probably have to be cautious while wearing this - I don't want it to catch on anything!

I'm headed to the Anglican convent again this weekend, on my latest retreat, with two friends.  I'm sure it's going to be lovely.  This convent has a gentler vibe than one might expect - I even saw evidence that they were with the Anglican section of Pride 2019, as I saw someone holding a sign representing them.  Again, I should probably not mention the name of the convent, only that they are Anglican and within the Toronto area.  Lovely place... clean, quiet, chill, with a very powerful sense that the Spirit is present there.  The food is pretty good, too!

I'll have to give a report on how my retreat was, when I return!


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