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In defence of 'The Craft' + some witchy stuff ...

The Wiccans I have known seem to either love or hate this movie.  When I was exploring Wicca in high school, this was the movie that got me excited about it.  There are a lot of complaints about how Hollywood portrayed things here, that it is sensationalized and unrealistic, that the god Manon is (of course) fictional, some have argued it's anti-feminist because it suggests women with power don't know what they're doing with it, and will fuck things up.  Well, as silly as this flick is in many ways, I still love it, it's one of the few I can watch to death and still eat up, even though it's fluff.  Here's what I like about it:

First off, I want to mention that I don't entirely agree with the idea that this is anti-feminist - yes, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle abuse their powers, leading to strange outcomes, but Sarah (the protagonist), the store witch, and (presumably) Sarah's mother (who had passed) were responsible witches, and nothing bad comes of them because of it, ultimately.  Sarah had to learn lessons, but she keeps her powers by the end of the movie.  So I would argue that this is instead a film with a Spiderman kind of message: "With great power comes great responsibility", not a flick about girls getting into trouble, and nothing more.  To suggest that it's just a smack in the face to womankind is lazy feminist analysis, in my opinion.

Secondly, I understand why they used a fictional god for this movie.  The producers feared the legal outcomes of getting sued if teenagers were to attempt to invoke a real world deity the way the girls in the film did on the beach.  Wiccans complain about that component a lot, but it makes sense if one wants to cover their ass, so I'm not complaining - this is fiction, this is pretend, this is not a documentary about the occult.

Also, there's a massive complaint that this is an unrealistic portrayal of witchcraft and how it works - ok, so... yeah.  Unless you are some master medicine person who is at service to their community and to the gods, most of this stuff is unlikely to ever occur, certainly never in the way it does here, so to see a bunch of naughty teens do this kind of magick is hyper unrealistic.  But again, this is Hollywood - realism is not going to sell to a teenage audience.

But what I do like about this movie is the strong message of "Be careful what doors you open" and to be cautious with any power you do accumulate.  Having been through my share of spiritual horrors, spirituality is not something to take lightly - now I believe my issues were initiatory, but I wasn't really prepared for what I would face at the time.  I find LHP spirituality ridiculous, as I have mentioned before.  Nancy Downs and I had to both go through something like this, and it is NOT FUN to feel like you are being ripped to shreds as a soul while no one believes in what you're talking about:
Mad solidarity, Nancy.
Of course, Nancy was really nasty, and I was being initiated with a fucked up demon, but spirituality can be a real trip, sometimes a bad one, if things go a certain way.  I caution anyone looking to turn to it for a novel experience and nothing more - watch out!  (Though I also believe that if one has a calling with God in some way, they are more likely to get harassed by demons than if they're not necessarily meant to in this life.)

Ok - now for some weirdness that I have been channeling recently that is sure to piss off grouchier members of the Pagan community.  This is something I am not sure of, but it's interesting and I wanted to discuss it, in case it becomes consistent and I'm on to something.  Apparently, Wiccans shouldn't be calling themselves "witches" if they want to use the term accurately.  Wiccans are in fact practising a neopagan spiritualist nature worship religion, not witchcraft.  Real witchcraft, according to what I have been receiving, goes against the wishes of the Spirit, in its truest form.  A real witch in fact involves themselves with the diabolical, which is destructive to the Spirit, to nature itself - a neopagan appropriates that terminology, often in protest of the church.  The Burning Times certainly handled any "problems" the church had with witches atrociously, and of course many nature worshippers and medicine people were also lost during it.  I am not defending the church at all - they have been appalling about how they have handled many things throughout history, and this is an example of this.  But it's interesting what I channel about the lives of real witches - that many get ill and die of odd diseases, or go mad, due to the forces they play with, and due to how Spirit responds to their use of these forces.  The cackling old hag comes from somewhere, I guess.  The witch is a feminist icon now, because she suggests rebellion and self empowerment, very good things - but I guess, if this information is accurate, she does not actually worship nature, she worships forces that lead to the destruction of it.  Wicca is not a bad religion at all, though sometimes I suspect it is an unfinished one.  Goddess worship is on the rise again in this age, and I think the neopagan movement, for all its flaws, is a sign that we are craving a need to return to the Mother for help in the world we live in now.  So please, Pagan friends - understand this is just information I am channeling, I am not criticizing nature worship.  I engage in it myself.

So... what is the diabolical?  Well, I prefer the Lurianic Kabbalistic ideas behind where it came from.  I believe that the "devil" (or whatever cultural interpretation you can think of in regards to this component of the spiritual world) is a corruption of Spirit.  The Lurianics suggest that when God willed the universe into existence, he made a mistake, and as the energies of creation formed, they overloaded the vessels (the Sephirot), shattering them, generating a byproduct that we have come to know as "evil".  I like to think of Satan as God's poop. 

Satan may present to some as a cunning nemesis, as a spiritual being - but that is simply how a human mind interprets it when he's around, rather like how colour or sound are interpreted as they are to the mind as well.  Often mythologies and stories that religions come up with exist to evoke or inspire a feeling or reaction, a means of working with constructs that are beyond current human understanding.

One can play with these diabolical forces, but I consider it as unwise as taking up meth smoking.  Any LHP video I have ever watched usually involves some blowhard prattling on about gatekeepers, bodily fluids, and stuff like that, but nothing moves me in the way a mystic's discussion of their intimate union with God has been known to.  LHP practice is often primal, sexual stuff that I guess humans think is mysterious or hot, but really... it does nothing to mature a soul.  Some of the guys in these videos - I imagine their "lairs" to reek of cum and burnt rubber bands (in other words - crack), as disgusting a scent as that evokes.  I have never been moved by the words of an LHP occultist - I glaze over while they talk about things like the "diabolical kingdom" and Lucifer's ballsack, or whatever.  Beneath all the skulls, swords and sigils, it's just plain hokey.  LHP is the equivalent to playtime for kids who are likely to put their eye out with a pellet gun.

Again, I'm still maturing as a soul, I'm still overcoming my struggles... some of these opinions might change, but that's what the spirit moved me to write today, so to speak.


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