Wednesday, 31 July 2019

How I sense the presence of spirits...

I wanted to do an article that touches briefly on exactly how I sense the presence of a familiar spirit, when one comes into my vicinity.

Lately, my old friend the teacher who passed has been visiting again - he comes often, I am not sure what his soul's journey has him going through right now, some understanding is lacking with this kind of skill, for I am still recovering from spiritual illness which can make my senses odd at times.  But the Spirit will announce when a certain person is about to come by to see me, usually within ten seconds of their arrival.  Then I will channel another message indicating that they have arrived, so I can say hello and attempt a communication.  (It's rather awkward if this happens while I am on the can, or doing something like that, but of course spirits are a lot less weirded out than the living about private activities.)

I don't "see" them as a mind, I don't know if that is because of Latuda, or if I am just not meant to, but I sometimes can get a vibe of how I felt when they were around as living people.  I get emotional responses in my body, such as laughter, to conversation, if I say something they find funny, for example.  I need to use cards to interpret any message they have for me, as direct channel just doesn't cut it, and probably isn't the safest anyway for this kind of thing.  Then the Spirit will relay anything they wish for me to know.  (Unfortunately some mild interference from time to time means it is not yet perfect, but I just need to keep working on myself to refine it, I suppose.  I am still growing as well.)

Dad comes virtually every day to see me - it's funny that despite the turbulent past I lived, of his three daughters, he claims that I am now the one he worries the least amount about.  These souls very much enjoy communication with a person who knows they are around, so they return a lot.  I have to admit this makes me slightly nervous about private stuff, worried that the dead are voyeuristic perverts by proxy, and I am giving them a weird show if I forget to close the bathroom door or am busy making coffee in my underwear - oops!  Oh well, everyone is weird, I guess the dead know that all too well.

Funny story: When I was a kid, I thought that the song "Every Breath You Take" by The Police was about a ghost watching over the living, having not examined all the lyrics.  That's where an innocent child's mind will go with something like that, I guess.  I also assumed that Madonna's "Where Life Begins" from the album "Erotica" was about a stubborn boyfriend being "stingy" about the idea of going out and paying for dinner at a fancy restaurant, instead of being about getting grossed out by performing cunnilingus (she talks about "eating out" in it a lot).

Anyway, all this psychic stuff makes me wonder how my great grandmother, a professional medium, sensed spirits in her work.  This kind of thing runs heavily in the women of my Dad's side of the family, so I come by it honestly.


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