Monday, 24 June 2019

Pride 2019 rundown!

Me, beside my favourite minister, Rev. John Joseph Mastandrea, at Pride 2019
Wow - the 2019 Toronto Pride parade was a hit!  The United Church section outdid the Anglican section in presentation, and even out-gayed the MCC!  I dressed as latex clad Sister Penance and helped lead the UCC section down Yonge St, as revellers cheered for a church that strongly supports LGBTQ+ people, and others not commonly accepted by religious organizations.  It was hot, but not so hot that the latex was truly unbearable, though I did start to get slightly itchy.  I waved my asexuality flag and saw a couple of other aces here and there in the crowds.  We aces don't seem to come out in droves the way that, say, bisexuals do.

I had asked my friend, the minister pictured here, if it was okay to march in this latex habit - he laughed at Pride and said "I can't believe you were worried I would say no - I am so glad you came out and wore that - the crowds love it!".  A lot of ministers marched with us, including the amazing Rev. Cheri DiNovo, whom I have marched with at Mad Pride as well, as she supports that movement too.  It was fun and colourful, and despite the fact that the bus took a detour and I had to find it to retrieve my purse at the end of the parade, I got it back and the day ended with a feeling of satisfaction.

Not like I can prove this to the readers of this blog now, but a premonition I had about Pride 2019 came true - I really should begin to write these down on here for proof later!  In Hamilton, a false arrest was made of someone, where the police seemed to be defending hate groups, and an outcry erupted as a result.  I did not get the info that it would be in Hamilton, instead of Toronto, but it happened, and the next event predicted is that police are not going to apologize immediately, so they may not be as welcome at Pride in the future.  Also, they may eventually apologize for this, down the road.  My premonitions aren't always pitch perfect, but they often accurately predict enough of future events, are at least within the ballpark, and so I am now working to refine how clearly they see what's coming.  A couple of friends can vouch for this particular one - I told them it would happen days before it did.

Tonight I am likely headed to an after-Pride karaoke event.  All in all, the parade was a delight, and I want to do it again next year, if I can.  <3


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