Tuesday, 18 June 2019

My premonitions are getting slick!

Holy shit, sinners - I am really starting to get somewhere with accurate psychic premonitions!  I am getting the sense that this is honestly becoming super powerful now!

Several premonitions I had for one friend came true about his work week and leisure time, I was able to figure out the cause of a local store fire before the fire department concluded what caused it (it was an electrical problem in the building - some worried it was arson), I saw an opportunity pop up for another friend before he found out about it, and I was able to read character profiles of various people my sister, who lives in Winnipeg, works with (that's more of just reading someone's personality than a premonition, though).  For myself, I saw two events with money that would happen - one was with the 10 of Pentacles being drawn, and the message that I would come into some money... two days later, my boss announced we all got raises, vacation pay was coming, and retroactive pay from previous months was coming too.  The other event, a not so great one, also came true today - it was not a big deal, which is what the premonition also stated.  Generally, I like to draw a card to see how my day will go - it often looks at potential events, but things can change so not everything comes true, if an outcome shifts, which is what any decent psychic will say in a disclaimer... we can reshape potentials in our lives.  One suggestion that did not come true for today was that I would hang out with a specific friend, but because I got tired and napped a lot today, I think that was a potential opportunity that I simply did not seize.

Sometimes I find I can't read at all - I get the sense this happens whenever there is a shift in my soul, which affects my ability to read Akasha.  But it bounces back quickly every time, often with even stronger and more accurate messages.  Also, I now am getting the impression that Spirit is such a close friend that He doesn't give a shit if I want to read into the private sex lives of anyone... that it was instead the demonic that hindered this and made it seem like I was being chastised.  I can also read a man's dick size.  (One girlfriend and I love doing this at bars over beer - I whip out the Rider deck, and read how well random people perform in the bedroom... we call it "Girl Talk for Goths".)  If info is not to be revealed, it simply won't be.  Anyone who gives me or my co-workers a hard time at work automatically gets a rundown from me psychically once I'm alone, and I often have a good laugh out of the embarrassing secrets I can find out about people.  "That one is a bedwetter."  "That one is a drug addict".  That kind of thing.  It makes blue collar a bit more interesting.  I'm starting to get the sense I can really see a lot of things, which makes this even more riveting now than it was simply when I thought "wow - that's weird... I wonder if it's true?".  And I'm not even at the highest level I will reach, I am informed.

Sometimes I get some prophetic stuff too, like about world events... I'm not sure how accurate that is, a lot of it is long term, and will happen beyond my lifetime, but it's interesting to experiment with it.  One prophecy was that within 40 years or so, scientists will declare we are not as doomed a planet as we think we are right now - wouldn't that be nice?!

Tarot is still my main staple divination method with this ability, but I also will on occasion continue to consult the oracle decks.  Sometimes my body is guided to glance at an object in my surrounding area for a message about something related to what it suggests.  I'm still on Latuda, so I am not sure how that has hindered me as a psychic, but I seem to be getting pretty good, even on this drug.


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