Tuesday, 25 June 2019

More Catholic Punk DIY!

 So I had this vintage suede, denim, and wool jacket I had made a felt heart for from many years ago, and suddenly today, I saw an opportunity for another Catholic punk DIY idea with it.

Having seen sequined Our Lady of Guadalupe patches from Mexico for sale in 'Courage My Love' in the Kensington Market area, I went back and bought one today, plus a little metal sword at a neighbouring cocktail store.  I got home and broke out the sewing supplies, hand sewing the sequined patch to the back of the jacket.  Then, I stabbed the felt heart with the metal sword, and anchored it in place with stitches at the hilt.  I also had some leftover beading from the rosary I took apart for the shoes, so I attached the long of the crucifix portion of the beads to the zipper, and then wrapped the remainder of the beads around the heart, also anchoring them in place.  I also took a little cross I had purchased in a church in Sedona, Arizona, and hung it from the rosary beads on the heart.

This kind of has a Vivienne Westwood punk flavour to it now... she's a designer I have admired since I have known about her.  I may continue to add to this project as I find other things, but even if I don't, I quite like how this turned out.  I'm just a tad nervous about impaling people with that metal sword, so I probably shouldn't hug anyone in this thing!


UPDATE: I adjusted the sword so it's not dangerous anymore - the point doesn't stick out now.  That could've been bad!  xD

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