Sunday, 2 June 2019

More Catholic Goth DIY!

So I stumbled upon these remarkable looking shoes on a fashion site recently, and I loved the idea of them (specifically, I am referring to the light coloured ones on the left):

Problem is, in general, I avoid wearing high heels, and was wary of all those beads hanging from them, worried about getting caught on something.  Also, the clear plastic strips the beads are attached to mean that I bet wearing these shoes would lead to crucifixion levels of pain, and I am at an age where I need just a little bit more comfort in my life, even though I'm still relatively young enough.  (Also, these are $88.00+ USD.)  So I thought, once again, why not save some money and make something similar to these?

I went to 'Value Village' and found a cute pair of black heeled shoes, of a more reasonable height for my feet, and I got some beading supplies at a downtown bead store.  Here is what I have created so far:

(I tried taking a pic of the skulls hanging from the back with my phone camera, but they were blurry - so fuck it... they're skulls.)  I think I'll buy a cheap black rosary and cut it up and hang some beads from it as well on these too, so if I go ahead with that, I will post update photos of the progress.

Memento Mori Catholic Goth is fun to DIY!  Hooray - Sister Penance now has some proper footwear!  <3


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