Friday, 14 June 2019

Dinosaur ball victory, Akashic exercises, and saint stuff...

So the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA championship last night, and the streets of Toronto went mad.  Too bad I don't care about team sports at all, comparing them to ant farms as far as being able to hold my interest for long (actually, an ant farm might be kind of interesting if it was big enough).  If it ain't fencing, I don't care.  But good for them, I guess.  Maybe it's because I'm bad at most sports, or maybe I just hate the machismo culture of jock stuff, but I would rather spend a day watching updates on the Weather Network than watch any team sport on television.  But this is also coming from someone who thinks that Dieter from SNL's 'Sprockets' is a bonafide sex symbol.  (One time my Dad took me to a Leafs game, until I begged him to leave early.  I think this also happened once with the Blue Jays.)

I have a new party trick with my Akashic Records readings - going on Fuck Yeah Altars (my shrine is now on there too!) and randomly picking an altar or shrine that looks particularly sad (or satanic) and psychically reading about the mind(s) behind it.  Some of the insights that have come of some of them are remarkably interesting, and some are hilarious.  After a while, most of them proved to be innocent looking things with shells, wind chimes, or Buddha statues (yawn), so I switched to Google images and began looking up satanic altars... period.  That's when the richness started to flow.  I began to channel the outcomes of many of the people using them... some stories are sad, others are amusing, others sound like a mental health nightmare.  A lot of these demon lovers are going to give up in a huff, when it seems the spirit world wants nothing to do with them.  (Also, I must restate that I strongly believe that satanism in any true spiritual form is one of the most foolish, destructive things one can do to the soul, short of abusing plant entheogens.  These kinds of attempts to obtain occult powers may satisfy the mind for a while, but they are not what the soul ultimately desires, and do not amount to any true divine power, in the literal sense.)

Oh - in other news, it seems I do in fact now have a strong connection to St. Anthony (the patron saint of missing items), stronger than even with St. Jude, perhaps.  So it's looking like he is a more suitable patron saint for me.  I bought a St. Anthony statue for my shrine, and I also bought a medal and a prayer booklet.  As I continue on with my devotions, prayers, contemplation, and spirit writings / channels, messages are gradually getting clearer and more benevolent, with greater details.  There's still just the slightest sense that a mild corruption is with me, but it is so mild now it's like it adds a hiccup to my practice, and is not remotely dark... it's as though things are not polished, that's all.  I found I needed to do a bit more smudge with sweetgrass, which lessened the load, but also now Christ is really helping with this.  His presence may even be stronger in my life now more than ever.

So if an event happens in late June / sometime in July with Christ, that premonition proved to be true.  I shall write about anything that comes of this, if and when it happens.


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