Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Catholic Goth shoes update: All done!

I got these shoes looking exactly as I pictured them.  Today I went to a store on Spadina that sells cheap rosaries and I bought a standard black beaded one for about $6.80, using my pliers to undo and attach pieces of the strand to the anchor points on the shoes.  This took virtually no time at all.  The result is a cute pair of goth shoes which cost less than $50.00 CDN for all supplies involved.  I have reinforced the links with added metal loops, hoping that they hold after a night out with them on.

Having been a propmaker on stage shows like the Toronto version of 'The Lion King', back in the day, I learned a lot about reinforcing things so that they last.  I hope I put my skills to good use with the right techniques! 


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