Friday, 17 May 2019

The old friend returned...

My ex-teacher returned again, briefly this time - I get the sense he will return a few times before crossing over completely.  The first time he came by, we hung out and laughed as I used tarot cards and automatic writing as tools to help with deciphering our communication - some of what comes out of channel is still wonky, due to the fact that I have mild interference, so it's like a ballpark understanding of what he is saying, coming through my voice as a kind of channel - it makes him laugh through me how it presents sometimes.  Emotions are relayed through feeling - if he's anxious, I sense it in my body as though it's my own emotion, humour is easily translated as a laughter response in my body.  But he says he is having a blast as a ghost - he will cross over completely in a few weeks, completing this stage.  Perhaps not all of this information is perfectly accurate, but it's the general understanding I have while this interference remains that makes things a bit complicated.

There seems to be a limitation to how most spirits can communicate with the living, unless the living are opening up to them and they are around, or if the living are spiritually attuned.  With this understanding in mind, I began praying for my friend to have the ability, through the Spirit, to relay what he needs others to know while he's between worlds.  I hope it worked... I'm sure others could greatly benefit from an encounter like this from him.  He was a real character, a true humanitarian whom many loved.


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