Saturday, 18 May 2019

Looks like my friend is crossing over completely now...

An update on my communication with the old friend of mine: he seems to be transitioning from the in-between plane to the next world, so communication is getting a bit odd.  It's kind of broken, so I now must rely on the Spirit to translate what is being conveyed.  Emotions like laughter still come through, but wording is funny now.  He has returned several times for conversation, has been doing the rounds seeing people, and though it's likely he can't converse in the same way for long, I get the impression that, like my Dad, I will still be able to talk in some way with him, through the Spirit, in the next world, where he may relay what he is trying to say.  This happened with my Dad as well - it was upsetting at first, feeling like a second death, but it wasn't the end... just a transition.  Later, Dad came through in another way.

So my friend isn't making as much sense directly now, but with the aid of the Spirit, I can roughly translate what is trying to come through.  Phew!


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