Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Another spiritual visitation from an old friend...

Just yesterday, I heard that an old friend and former teacher of mine (my favourite teacher from high school, as a matter of fact) had passed on recently.  He was a kind of a loveable curmudgeon, I hadn't talked to him in years because of a case of estrangement, but he was still dear to my heart as I remembered him.  It came as a shock, having not resolved our disconnect - I didn't cry, knowing the spirit lives on, but it stunned me.  Not knowing what else to do, I prayed to the Spirit that he know I wanted to say hello, and to relay some information, and within an hour, his soul seemed to be in communication!

Within a couple more hours, it was as though he was about me, and the communication was stronger.  Now, he is with me, visiting in my apartment, and we are catching up where we left off.  An atheist in life, he is relieved that he lives on as a soul in the afterlife - he is between the worlds right now, in his Bardo stage.  He tells me that crossing over was easy for him, I was happy to hear this. 

I get the impression that we may remain in contact, even after he crosses over completely, in some way, because he is interested in staying in touch this way.  Glad I have the "medium gene"!  He was a wonderful guy, and I will miss him terribly, as I am sure many will.  <3

I will likely update on this, as it develops.


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