Sunday, 7 April 2019

Might go on another comic hiatus soon...

Hey, sinners -

There's a chance I might go on another brief Asylum Squad hiatus, because I am dealing with some interesting spiritual phenomena at my end.  I wonder sometimes if Divinity is playing a little game with me, as part of a spiritual initiatory process.  Oh well - the best thing to do is to press on and see what comes of this.  I am in control of my life right now, and can cope with the strangeness - that is the important part, I suppose.  The cough is still going on, but with a second round of antibiotics, it's dying down.

"Confessional" time, on another subject altogether - I feel compelled to tell the world that my BPD diagnosis (the one that wasn't accurate) was never actually clinical, it was me applying it to myself (teens will be teens), maybe a social worker agreed with me.  I faced systematic ruin in part because of this nonsense.  Psychiatric diagnoses have so much power over people's lives, and this one wasn't even real.  That's part of why the Mad Pride movement has been so important to me - talking back to this idea that people can be summed up with clinical labels, and treated a certain way because of them.  Mine wasn't even real, and yet it still seemed to stir a reaction.

Remember, kids: self diagnosis isn't cool.  It can really backfire if the wrong people take it seriously.  We live in an age of idiots with too much power.  What happened with me was unimaginably insulting... I have no words.

Sorry these articles have not been the most interesting as of late... I have been busy socializing.  Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say soon enough.


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