Sunday, 17 March 2019

Now my voice is changing altogether!

Oh shit... my voice is getting very peculiar now, as something of the Self comes forward - what on earth is next?!

I sound like some kind of Wisconsin-esque goofball nerd girl... it's endearing, however, it's very quirky, and pretty jarring to me that this happened.  I sounded nothing like this before.  First, the cadence and wording changed, now there's a nasal quality to my voice and something of the delivery that is very different.  I am really not sure what to make of this - I feel very much more connected to my Self, am far more confident, but this new voice sounds quite ridiculous to me, and I don't know how others will respond to how I sound.  I talked to a friend today who runs a shop, and after a few sentences, he passed me a tissue box, assuming I had a cold.  Am I truly, at my core, this peculiar?

I read tarot for others this St. Paddy's Day, and the reactions have been interesting.  Seems I either impress, or trigger a strange response... not one of disappointment, but sometimes tears or anxiety.  Am I hitting the nail on the head too well, in a way that's disturbing?  Is this accurate information?  I am not yet consistently confident to be a professional, but often bring my deck to a bar when I go for karaoke.  People sometimes buy me drinks for a reading... it's interesting, to say the least, of what comes of it.

Oh man... this voice!  I hope people don't think I'm putting this on for some strange personality experiment.  This is not the voice I would have chosen... it's rather awkward to get used to, it's got a cuteness but a very quirky quality.


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