Friday, 8 March 2019

Future life readings...

If my understanding of the Akashic Records is correct, it contains the collected knowledge of all that has ever been, all that is, and all that will ever be.  So, with that in mind, I am now attempting to read the future lives, or at least the karmic patterns, of people I have known.

As a fun experiment (because I certainly was his guinea pig for long enough), let's take my awful ex-psychiatrist as a test subject again and subject him to a karmic reading of what is to come for him:

So in this life, it says he is going to lose someone to suicide, it will shatter him, and it may even cost him the ability to perform his career.  Wow - bye bye to condescending personal lectures and ordering the shoving of needles into the asses of unwilling patients, Dr. Asswipe!  Yikes!  Now, onto the next life...

In the next life, he is a King of Wands type (yet again, because I get that that's whom he is like in this life as well), but with a mental health challenge - interesting irony.  If he listens to his mind more, and solves the problem, his karma improves.

If he does not solve this problem in this next life, he comes back again with crippling psychiatric disease, and is a complete wimp in some way... like a lame duck or something.  Karma is going to play out very strangely for this man... he doesn't seem to know how to get his puck in the net as far as personal betterment is concerned.

The reading suggests that he FINALLY gets to a betterment stage in the third life from now, where he becomes a better person, in the form of a woman.  Pretty stubborn soul, I guess.

So yeah... this is just practice for now.  I am still not aware of how accurate I am with any of this, but what comes of my readings sometimes blows my mind.  So it's up to me to keep trying things out, and seeing where it leads me.


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