Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Experimenting with Holy Water...

Holy Water is something I have only used a little bit in the past, when my demon was active.  Though the stuff seemed to deliver a slight reaction when I dabbed myself with it, I gave up on using it, mostly, and turned to other methods like smudge and talismans while I was trying to kill the damn thing.  But now, while I try to clear anything that remains, I am turning to it again, with experimentation, to see what it can do.

Every time I go to a Catholic cathedral, I ritualistically dab myself, sign of the cross style, with it.  I had also purchased one of those plastic bottles for it, like the one pictured here, to bottle my own at a dispenser at the church.  After getting a blessing the other night at a pro LGBTQ+ Catholic mass service I went to, I got a message that I should keep getting blessings every time I am at a service.  In the past, not being Catholic, I would simply sit it out at communion time, while everyone else lined up.  The way to get around this, officially, is to approach the priest with your arms crossed over your chest, to receive a blessing.  So from now on in, whenever I am at a mass, I am going to do that instead of receiving nothing.  Apparently, blessings in abundance might be just what I need.

It's also come to my attention that I have come to a level of spiritual attunement and development where I can just as easily create my own Holy Water, so I am trying this out at home.  (Saves a lot of trips to the church!)  I simply pray to Christ that it be blessed, and it seems to work - I am getting interesting reactions from using it.  I even did it with my bath water, so I could soak in it, which seemed effective... I had interesting reactions throughout my body while I bathed.  Not knowing enough about what Holy Water can do, this is an experimental thing I'm doing right now, to see what it leads to.

I might as well just have every glass of water I consume blessed too - can't hurt!


UPDATE: Another symbol I was receiving through automatic drawing, on and off, was a series of waves, suggesting water - it was only yesterday that I figured out it must have been a suggestion to try working with Holy Water!  Now I know!

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