Friday, 1 March 2019

Erm, is this another miracle item, JHWH?

Ok - the jury's out for this one as far as legit miracles go, because there's a chance it might just be enamel damage, but anyone who has ever owned one of these Benedictine medal crucifixes knows how firm and fused the enamel job is on these.  I have no idea how a whole section of black enamel could just pop out of the length of the back of this item, especially unnoticed, only for me to turn it over one morning when putting it on and see it like this:

If this is another item miracle, it's not quite as exciting as the transmuted rosary, but if it's legit, I'll take it.  I am not sure what the symbolic significance of that portion of the crucifix going to silver is, if there is any to be found at all.  I also have no idea how this could have happened if it's just an accident - it seems unlikely that the enamel would just pop off, based on how this item is made.  (At the very least, I will now be monitoring it for the next little while, in case it's spiritually relevant.  This was a crucifix I wore almost constantly while fighting my demon, I prayed to have it blessed by both Jesus Christ and St. Benedict, as well as by angelic forces.)

If it's not relevant, if it's just a coincidence - then dammit, that Benny Crux was an heirloom from my stepdad's mother, and it's now damaged!  (Funny how strange shit always happens to my religious items.)


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