Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Ash Wednesday...

(This post's title is a bit of a misnomer... I didn't actually make it out for the Ash Wednesday church service today to get "smudged", but I did get to the United Church for their monthly Celtic Liturgy evening.)

So while I was at Celtic Liturgy, sitting next to the Anglican Druid and singing some hymns, I suddenly got the urge to pray to the angels I work with, under my breath, that they work within me, particularly on allowing the mind to open to the soul.  Shortly after saying "amen", a channel of information opened up, and as I walked the labyrinth on the floor, it continued - again, under my breath (I am very discreet about this stuff).

I can't even explain everything it said, in part because it's rather personal to my development, but also because I don't remember it all, but it seemed very important, so I will be monitoring how my consciousness changes as the weeks progress, probably typing out updates on here if I sense anything.  It's like the subconscious has been transforming for a while, and perhaps needed an extra boost to move it along.  Maybe this is the boost it needed.

I have also begun to try reading past lives with tarot and the Akashic Records, and it's interesting what has been said of others through channel.  But when I read myself, it says I never lived before - fascinating.  My Mom was an interesting young man who died in his youth of a strange disease, my Dad was an intellectual scholar, which is funny because in this life as my Dad he hated academia and was a 3 time university dropout (who was still able to rise in the ranks in his field, he was brilliant at what he did).

More updates to come on my development, as things progress!


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