Sunday, 17 March 2019

A note about slow updates for Asylum Squad...

I know, I know... I am up to my old tricks again - not updating regularly, taking my sweet time with the comic.  Please allow me to explain:

I get a real sense that there is a necessity for me to take my time with the finale, for there is a need for strengthening myself to be sure, but also, in doing so, strengthening the end result of the series.  There is an important policy speech to come that sums up the ultimate message of the comic, and I want to get it right.  Because of the recent breakthroughs in my growth, there is some interesting wisdom coming through, or at least a strength in my ideas, that would allow for greater articulation and understanding of what my comic is truly about.  I have a general sense of what to say, but without this new aspect of my development at the place I want to see it at, that policy speech might not amount to what it could, if I were to take my time with my growth.

So bear with me, it will be completed, it is not going on a major hiatus anytime soon... I just need to see this period through, something is changing in me yet again, and I want it to add to the work itself.

I appreciate your patience, you have been a fantastic audience for allowing me to take my time.


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