Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Vocally channeling the Spirit...

Thought I would do an article about my experiences with vocal channeling, and how this phenomenon grew overtime.

Marijuana seemed to be the thing that jumpstarted the basic mechanism of channeling, but in the beginning, it was just grunts, some words, and it was kind of under the breath.  Also at this time was when I began to get channeled writing and drawings, when my hand gestured to grab a pen.

Things really got strong after smoking ceremonial tobacco - one shouldn't be doing this with inhale, but y'know... honkey see, honkey do!  I inhaled and had some trippy visions, including an eagle that appeared every time I smoked it, and strange sensations in my mind.  (It was only much later that I found out that tobacco is affiliated with Eagle in Medicine Wheel spirituality, so that's interesting.)  The second or third time I smoked it, I began to channel very easily, as if second nature, but the information was random absurdity.  The expression on the eagle's face was one that looked rather jaded and unamused, so I kind of snickered at that.

Smoking that much ceremonial tobacco really fucked me up ultimately, but because of voices and strange phenomena encouraging me to keep smoking it, I didn't figure this out until I was basically bedridden with the train of thought of an iguana.  My tongue felt fat, limp, and as if made of lead.  Meanwhile, the demon was having its way with me psychically.  Channeled messages were getting very gross, and I found it hard to keep from blurting them out ... my soul was getting very sick.  I was afraid I had serious brain damage, because visions looked like shit and it was getting hard to speak without sounding like someone with a crippling intellectual disability.  Humanity got very mean with me because I guess I sounded annoying.  So yeah, I should have listened to that native idea that smoking this stuff is bad news.  Thank god I later quit all tobacco completely!

After the St. Jude invocation, the channel went from coprolalia to some encouraging messages of hope, but they were still short messages, and with little to no advice or detail.  This was something that took many years of prayer and practise to get to a level where I now channel full passages.  I am not always convinced that the information is perfectly accurate, but it's at least loving now, and it grows richer with time.

I might still be recovering from ceremonial tobacco poisoning, but it's night and day from what it was.  Metatron really helped heal my mind, for one... Jesus, other parts of me.

It seems that I channel Spirit itself, not some random ascended being.  The demon sure came through too, but with it "dead" and only there as a fading field of influence now, it's barely affecting things.  Opening to the Akashic Records really helped me to conquer a lot, and to gain better insight.  Right now, it seems like a time of rest, growth, and recovery from the brutality of the past 12 and a half years.  The channel encourages me to take it easy, it says that now the fight is over.

Hope so!


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