Monday, 18 February 2019

Symbols commonly received through automatic drawing...

Thought I would scan a page of some of the more common symbols I have received through automatic drawing and hand gesturing.  (Please note that these were not drawn automatically in this case, but are examples of what have come in the past from this method of spirit communication.)

Some are more obvious than others... most are religious in nature.  They keep coming through, even if I am just lying in bed and contemplating.  Others just seem like friendly reminders that all is well (the smiley face, for example).  One thing that was interesting was that before I even knew that the three triangle symbol was an ancient symbol for the Godhead, I started getting it, on and off.  My finger also seems to know how to instinctually trace the Tree of Life very well automatically - a daunting task without a diagram to follow!

Two are sigils that I designed back when my journey began - one is the Medicine Wheel with the two circles emanating from it, just to the right of the kite symbol - this represents empowering the Earth, the circles forming an 8 on its side, 8 being the number of Power.  The other, right next to it, is the Lemniscate with a dot in each loop - this was a kind of Yin Yang/cosmic egg fertility symbol of the balance between the Sacred Masculine and Feminine, but it also represented God.  I created these while experimenting with sigils and committing myself to seeking God.

I am not entirely sure how to interpret the overall message of these, other than God is here and waving hello.  (I might post further pages like this as more symbols begin to come through.)


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