Thursday, 21 February 2019

Religious cosplay: Kindergarten edition...

Here's a fun costume my mother made for me for Hallowe'en one year, when I was in grade 2 - St. Joan of Arc!

Mom used to work in propmaking, as did I, so she often found clever ways of making things work on a budget.  (The legs could have been a bit longer on this, I look a bit like one of the Time Bandits here, but it's still a brilliant design.)  She took an old laundry basket, cut a hole in it, attached suspenders, so I could wear it around me as the frame of the piece.  Then a skirt was draped over it, and the horse head came from an old handmade hobby horse.  The rest was simply decoration, and some toy plastic armour from a Hallowe'en costume store.

I'm thinking I might go as a saint again sometime for Hallowe'en, but I'm not sure which one yet.  Maybe the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Fatima edition... maybe even St. Jude, drag edition.  (St. Jude's feast day is close to Hallowe'en, so I could get multiple wearings out of it.)


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