Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Nunsploitation Night!

Brought to you by the same weirdos who came up with dog cookie consumption while watching "Showgirls", we are now planning on having a nunsploitation movie night!

Nunsploitation cinema is something I have, oddly enough, never experienced, so I think it's about time, considering my current station in life.  Certainly, I would say the whole Catholic / nun fetish is quickly surpassing pony play as my favourite kink that I don't actually have... there's so much hilarity out there.  A local niche cult video store that a friend of mine is affiliated with as a volunteer certainly has a large stock of these kinds of movies, so I'm going there today to find out their best (worst?) blasphemy pic.  (I have seen nazi exploitation shit before too... sadly, it wasn't "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS", but some Italian shitfest called "Caligula Reincarnated As Hitler".  I have yet to witness nunsploitation... this should be good.)

Probably this time we'll consume red wine and rice crackers, which look a bit like communion waters, as food.  I'll wear the polyester habit, because the latex one is a bit chilly for this season, even indoors.  So I'll be updating later with a review of the flick after we have this movie night - "Convent of Sinners" might be the film, but we'll see what the video store has.

It's amazing how many insufferable subdivisions of humanity exist now, thanks to the internet.  Certainly, I would love to lead a nazi furry to the vet on a leash and have them put down, but also bizarre to me are vegan Satanists.  So let me get this straight... you worship the god of hate, but you won't eat meat, or even wear leather... that's a special kind of oxymoron.  I wish it was legal for Santeros to sacrifice Satanic vegans to the Orishas... Santeros would eat these guys for breakfast.  Honestly, if some Satanic vegan guy started getting preachy with me about eating chicken while simultaneously shouting "Hail Satan!", I would smile, nod, and tell them how sad I am for them that they were never able to outgrow diapers.  Satanism is the stupidest thing... but vegan Satanism is just being hipster about it.

The weather is shitty out there again, so it will not be much fun trekking out in this to the video store... ugh.  And it was so nice just a couple days ago!  Damn this winter all to hell.


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