Monday, 11 February 2019

Mudras (and other hand gestures)...

One of the phenomena I often experience, and have regularly since 2006, have been what are known in Indian spirituality as "mudras" - a kind of hand gesture that the body naturally takes on at various times.  Though most often associated with yogic practice, these gestures also commonly appear in Christian icons, as another example.  They are a sign of enlightenment and of awakening divinity, based on my studies of them.

Kundalites will frequently get mudras and yoga postures when in meditation... often I get them when channeling, or contemplating.  A hand will lurch up and take on various gestures.  I think the individual meanings of these gestures are more culturally bound, while the overall message is that they are a sign God is waking up in a person.  From what I understand, hatha yoga, and other forms that involve stretches and postures, were generated as a result of observing the poses kundalites naturally go into when kundalini is active, to try and stimulate its opening potential.  But when the kundalini naturally flows, these kinds of things happen spontaneously.

Another thing I get repeatedly is the gesture of the cross in the air, as though a priest giving a blessing.  I also sometimes automatically draw a cross over my forehead, lips, chest, and make the Catholic sign of the cross over my head and torso.  So if I were to analyze all this, I would say I have the Christian equivalent of what kundalites are going through.  It basically amounts to the same thing, but my path takes on specific qualities.

My index finger also likes to draw certain symbols as gestures, which I can understand easily in my mind's eye, but am not always sure as to what they mean.  It's kind of a guessing game.  I'm not even sure if I should be paying so much attention to these, attaching this much meaning... the Buddha warned about that kind of thing, one must practice non-attachment to phenomena.

But there is some sort of saying I have heard, in Islam I think... something along the lines of "When God awakens, the hands will speak".  Certainly my hands have been the most expressive body part involved when my vocal channel would fail me at times due to torment and blockage.  The hands would express a message of compassion in the simplest of ways, often with a facial caress.  Sometimes that was all I needed to keep going, and not feel alone.


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