Saturday, 5 January 2019


I'm getting a reiki session done today, the first one since recent breakthroughs in my condition.  I see a reikiist on and off, and find that I get powerful reactions from her treatments.

I am not even entirely sure how reiki has helped me, only that often after I get it done, I feel tremendously relaxed, and certainly, I get strange physical responses to it, depending on who is giving it to me.  When this one woman does it, I convulse, channel, and go into strange postures, especially when she works on the heart centre, and to a lesser extent, the upper centres.  (The heart centre is of course where the demon has resided, all this time.)  Because of these responses, I believe energies are shifted around, and some effects must be taking place.

Many are skeptical of reiki, because it looks like absolutely nothing is going on, but I can tell you - I feel intense reactions if someone properly attuned is performing it on me.  It's pretty dramatic to watch me receive it, really.

I have been doing some work with the Holy Spirit, I also recently prayed that the Spirit within connect to the Spirit above.  Interesting Sacred Heart messages... a message from Christ was "I gift you my heart" after I smudged again with sweetgrass.  I am also trying to work with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Maybe I really am meant to be a Catholic after all, but a liberal minded one.  I keep going back to the cathedral, I want to take it in and just be among the icons, I can sit in there for hours.  I prayed the rosary a few times again, after having not done so for a while.  While most spiritual people seek to find God, or to know what He wants of them, I regularly have conversations with Him through channel, and laugh with Him.  The channel seems to gradually be clearing more with time, as I attune.  I don't care how crazy that sounds to a skeptic, there's a deep sort of knowing I experience that is beyond the mind's understanding, and successes I can see with prayer, that demonstrate how real this relationship with God is.

One time, I witnessed a man who appeared dressed in biblical era garb, walking along the street, while driving in a car with family.  I pointed him out... no one else noticed him.  Odd.

Skeptics may feel sad if they think I'm ill because of what I describe, I feel sad that they can't know the bliss I have felt.


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