Wednesday, 16 January 2019

New item...

I bought this wall St. Benedict medal crucifix today at a local church.  It's about one and a half hands long, and was made in Italy.  I had it blessed, and got myself blessed again - why not?  Went home with it and prayed to St. Benedict himself that he also bless it.  It's now hanging on the wall by my shrine.

While I was in the store, I excitedly showed the shop ladies my transmuted rosary and told them the story of how it changed from pink plastic beads to white glass ones.  One was so excited she held it to her heart and seemed to pray something, then she took a picture of it with her phone and said "Mother Mary must really love you!" to which I said "I'm not even a real Catholic - I'm baptized Anglican!"... she was surprised and implied I should get on that.  lol

I might have to take pictures of all my religious items (this picture is not very good) in case anything like this ever happens again... that way I can prove that I'm not a hoaxer... or at least, provide better evidence than just telling a story.  I don't know if any more phenomena will occur, but enough has happened already that you never know!


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