Wednesday, 2 January 2019

"Loving Words From Jesus" by Doreen Virtue...

Yo - Happy New Year, sinners!  Hope it was a good one!  (I just went to a bar and sang some karaoke with friends.)

I'm not one for taking on too many tarot or oracle decks, but seeing as Jesus is a heavy presence in my spiritual practice, and seeing as I get fascinating reactions to religious icons when I go into churches, I thought I should shell out and grab this deck, which kept catching my eye.

This is less an oracle deck than it is a meditations deck, it features quotes from the New Testament spoken by Christ.  But I thought that with my channeling method it would work well for me, so I bought them for that purpose, when consulting Christ through channel for advice and answers.  A very simple format, there are paintings of a gentler (if a little caucasian looking) Jesus, rather than any kind of crucifixion brutality or anything like that.  This is kind of a friendly, "New Age" Jesus... the art is good, and only slightly like one of those 'Awake!' Jehovah's Witnesses magazines in some ways.

Perhaps I am drawn to Catholicism (and possibly would have been drawn to Orthodox too, if I knew enough about that denomination) because of my reactions to icons, and also because I feel icons are excellent tools for concentration when praying, contemplating, channeling, and meditating.  I don't get the idolatry complaint angle at all - different ways of worship for different types of thinkers, that's what I feel.  It's not just that Catholicism looks "pretty", the methods of adoration seem intuitive to me, the way I am as a person.  Even when I light or blow out a candle on my shrine, I instinctually gesture a cross in the air, and bow.  It's just what I'm drawn to do.  My Anglican Druid friend insists High Anglicanism/Anglo-Catholic is close enough, and I often really feel I should explore my birth church, but I just don't feel the draw quite yet.  That could change with time.  I am sick of hearing about church scandals from the Roman Catholics all the time, that really bothers me.

Some more developments with my progress are upon me, but perhaps I should leave them until I am more certain of things, then I may launch into it on here.  Some newer symbols in automatic drawing include a staircase, and a key.  I am assuming those are symbols of Heaven?  We shall see!


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