Monday, 14 January 2019

"Innerspace" clip...

With the ever disappointing annual "Bell Let's Talk" day approaching (where well meaning texts generate a shit ton of money to support mental health initiatives that promote backwards ideas about mental health, and pad the wallets of laboratory technicians, rather than going towards things that could really help, like proper inpatient nutrition and social housing, as two examples), I wanted to upload this wiped from the web clip I appear in of me talking about my comic from a few years back.  "Innerspace" was a show on the Space channel that ended rather recently, and I appeared on it twice, this clip being the longer of the two separate segments.

Unfortunately, I look rather dumpy here, and I am extremely camera shy in general, so I never articulate myself that well in this clip.  Also, I was edited like mad so all the stuff I had to say about the disappointment I feel about "Bell Let's Talk" and similar campaigns was cut entirely (no surprise there), so I sound like a pretty boring speaker.  Blegh.  The "Innerspace" crew were lovely people though, and helped make my shyness easier by giving me multiple opportunities to try improving on the takes.  (This is at least better than a CBC Radio interview I did one time, which thank god was not live either... the questions they asked felt so abstract that I got really nervous when answering them!)

Yeah, so this is a kind of a boring subject for me now... mental illness, no thank you, I'd rather create zines about mould growing on bread.  But the clip is interesting and quite well put together, so I thought I would post it on here.  I don't think anyone will mind me reposting this, as I am in it, and "Innerspace" is a defunct show now anyway.


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