Tuesday, 22 January 2019

A more upbeat blog soundtrack...

I changed the soundtrack to now have more contemporary, pop/rock style stuff, in case the instrumental stuff was putting my audience to sleep.  I will change things up here and there, and as I recall more modern songs relating to the subject of religion and spirituality, I will include them in the list.  (A friend of mine told me he recently had a dream where I invented a new genre of music called "Nuncore" - I imagined St. Hildegard style choirs set to gothic industrial.)

Tomorrow it's back to the Catholic bookstore to pick up my DVD copy of 'Vision', for it arrived recently and I got a call about that earlier today.  I'm really looking forward to watching it - I will review it on here later on, I'm sure.  Also, I just found out about a strange anime I had never heard of called "Saint Young Men", which looks like a Jesus and Buddha buddy anime.  If I get around to watching it, I'll talk about that as well.

"Saint Young Men"
Watching that new "Sabrina" show too, the one that cheesed off The Satanic Temple because of their use of the Baphomet statue.  It's a really weird show - I can't even decide if it's good or bad.  It's hokey, but I still enjoy it.  My one major beef with it is that the cinematography is so dark in it that no matter what monitor I watch it on, it's hard to see what's going on.  Surely there are more effective ways of giving it a sinister tone than just making the lighting that dark?  I don't watch very many things anymore because I am less of a screen gazer than I used to be, but I sometimes watch Netflix when I go over to friends' places.  (I don't have a Netflix account because I likely wouldn't use it enough.)

My poor, unread copy of St. John of the Cross' "Dark Night of the Soul" still needs to be read and written about, too.  Yikes - I bought that in September!


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