Sunday, 4 November 2018

PWR 2018...


 They censored the boobs on the goddesses!  :0

 More deities!
Langar time!

So... I had a blast at Parliament of World Religions 2018 today!  My generous friend fronted my entrance fee, which was pretty steep, to get me in there.  Sadly, I only really took pics of the Hindu Nithyananda setup, and also this selfie of me sporting a Langar headscarf for lunch at the convention.  It's a shame I could only go this one day, as there was so much to see and do and I barely got to do much of it.  I got an Akashic reading from a sadhvi, did my own readings for a couple people in the sacred feminine space that was the "Red Tent", went to some panels, did a puja ceremony, bought a United Church Medicine Wheel/Celtic cross necklace, and generally just explored the premises.  Afterwards, my friend and I went to dinner at a nearby pub with my other friend the United Church minister and his husband for a nice conversation.  All in all, it was a swell time, and had I the money, I would have bought a pass for the entire length of the convention.  It's nice the convention made it to Toronto this year.  This sure beat the pants off of the annual Yoga conference!


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