Sunday, 11 November 2018

Oh yeah... the Hallowe'en pics...

Forgot to add the pics of me in my latex habit from Hallowe'en - not that you don't know the costume well enough already, since it's all over this blog!  (One of these is also now being used as my profile pic):



I actually ordered a second nun habit - a polyester/cotton one from Bodyline Japan, which I will call my "3 vow habit" - the latex one is my "2 vow habit".  I like to wear this garb to show my devotion and love to God in a way that suits my character... I may not be a real nun, but I probably would have been one in another time, in another country, because of the amount of time I spend thinking of Him.  I'm too much of a modern woman and an independent thinker to be one in this era.

UPDATE:  Added a rather intense pic of me I snapped on my computer cam before going out for the tarot group... enjoy, sinners!

SECOND UPDATE: Some more pics!  These were taken at a monthly fetish party a while ago, actually.  The lovely lady with me is a friend of mine.  The photographer's website can be seen at


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