Saturday, 10 November 2018

My religious bling!

Thought I'd share some images of the stuff I have a tendency to wear around my neck, most days:

This is a St Benedict medal crucifix, Benedictine crucifix, or, as I started calling it, my "Benny Crux".  I had another one, which I had blessed and wore, but I gave it to a friend once I got this one, which was gifted from my lovely step dad (it was his mother's).  This kind of crucifix is said to be the most powerful of them all when it comes to warding off evil forces.  So, knowing what I was battling spiritually, once I got this, I wore it almost constantly.  Now that I feel I am free, I still wear it, but more as a comfort thing, and as a statement of devotion.

(This pic is kind of messed up, because three of the items are on one loop so I could not adjust them to  all be upright.)  Here we have another crucifix, which I wore as "backup" protection, a Santeria-based Sacred Heart charm, which I bought because of Sacred Heart imagery I would channel in the form of drawings of a heart with a cross in it.  Also, a Star of David with an eye in it, which I wore for protection and get the sense was a powerful aid, and the Om, for my more Hindu-centric spiritual devotion.  (I would say that although I mostly have a Christian-esque way of going about my practice, my ideas and many of the sources I pray to are more Hindu.)

My Catholic "dog tags"!  The St Jude medal was the first one I bought, which was right before I was able to invoke Christ through this saint.  When I bought it, I put it around my neck and immediately heard the voice of a child whisper "St Jude" into my ear... within a day, the Christ was invoked.  Also, we have the Virgin Mary, whom I see as a powerful aid and guide (and a great source to pray to for self love, among other things), a cross from Sedona's Chapel of the Holy Cross, a St Gabriel medal, and a St Michael.

I have other pieces of religious jewelry but these are the main items I wear.  Those that I don't usually wear tend to find a place on my shrine.


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