Thursday, 4 October 2018

"The Craft"...

Now for some 90s witch cheese!

Not by any means a fine film, but definitely a fun one, and one I recently bought a copy of.  "The Craft" was the 90s teen witch romp that got me interested at all in spirituality, back when I had a Wicca phase in high school (and honestly - who didn't?!).

This one is about a young woman named Sarah Bailey, recently relocated to Los Angeles from San Francisco.  She enters a Catholic school, where she meets a group of outcasts, who also happen to be practising witches.  She joins their coven as their fourth, representing the element of Earth.  Together, they begin to cast spells on themselves and others, after invoking a fictional god known as Manon (the producers claim they did not want to use a real world god, in the fear that teenagers would muck around and try summoning it, and get hurt in the process).  Things seem to being going well for them, until abuse of the craft generates serious backlash.

Watching this years later, it obviously does not hold up as a realistic piece about the occult, but it's still quite fun.  I noticed that there is some interesting symbolism in regards to each girl and her related element - Sarah, representing Earth, lost her mother when she was born, and Earth is related to the idea of the Mother archetype.  Rochelle, who is Water, is a swimmer.  Bonnie has burn scars all over her body, and she is Fire.  And Nancy (everyone's favourite - or at least, she was mine) loses her mind, and Air is affiliated with the Mental.

Nancy Downs, BTW, is played by Fairuza Balk, who, if I was interested in women romantically, would probably be my go-to Hollywood crush.  Although I am a Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter universe, the following scene makes me want to be in Slytherin, just for one day:


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