Friday, 26 October 2018

Synchronicity: DAMMIT!

Are you fucking kidding me?!

I feel I have been wronged terribly in some way as a creative person, because I just found out that an idea I came up with a while ago has basically been beaten to the punch and patented by the Roman Catholics:

Catholic Church launches its own version of Pokemon GO where children catch saints

Oh man!  My version had a much cooler name than "Follow JC", though - I called it "Invokemon", and you'd play Catholic school kids with magical globus crucigers you use to catch the saints in.  Then you'd read about their lives, I guess that's likely going to be a part of this version as well.  In my version, you can then invoke your saints to battle each other in church arenas, a sort of holy figure cockfight.  Lure would either be Frankincense or perhaps some communion wafers and wine on a platter.

Now I hear that the Catholics beat me to it, and I'm a wee bit sad.  Apparently it's only in Spanish for now, so I'm not going to download it to see how it plays, at least not until an English version comes out.  I bet my version would be way more badass than this one, and with far greater irony.  Oh well - c'est la vie.


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