Saturday, 20 October 2018

"Self Portrait by the Conscious and the Unconscious"...

Here's one I whipped up on a (slightly damaged) canvas someone had abandoned at work.  My Mom ended up buying it from me.  This is a kind of a "folk-pop surrealism" piece, like a Frida Kahlo meets Mark Ryden thing, only with far less technical skill involved, I would say.

The foreground was painted by my ego conscious, the background symbols in gold drawn using automatic handwriting, with the unconscious, or whatever I was channeling at the time.  Some of the symbols i drew were likely clues as to what to invoke, work with, or consider, others were just design.  I see Akasha there, the Sacred Heart, and Infinity, for example.  I hold a caduceus and a Sacred Heart here, symbols that kept coming up for me regularly through spirit gestures.

Acrylics on canvas, imitation gold leaf, and gold pen.


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