Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Metatron: Little YHWH...

Though I pray to various angels, the one I feel the strongest influence from is Metatron, sometimes known as the "Lesser YHWH" or "Little YHWH", affiliated with Kether on the Kabbalah Tree of Life.  This is a seraph I seriously doubt I would ever have been able to invoke the aid of without Christ's influence, or without someone like Christ.  Of those I pray to, he has been the greatest source for good mental health, and I could feel changes in the psyche within days of the invocation.

Shortly before the passing of my father, I prayed to Christ and asked to invoke this angel, and got the impression that it had happened.  So I began to concentrate on mental betterment - I asked for mindfulness, that the ego become my servant and not my master, to conquer boredom and other useless emotions, to be wiser, smarter, more articulate... all kinds of psychological goodness. I am so glad I did this, because had I not I may not have been able to handle seeing my Dad on his death bed in the months to come, one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen.  Somehow I was just able to deal with it (though I did have to spend two nights in hospital myself because I had some psychic shit going on, and needed to be conked out for some much needed rest).

Metatron has also been an excellent guide for achieving higher psychic states, receiving symbolic messages through automatic drawing to instruct me as to how to proceed in healing and growth, and allowed me to multitask better, so as to balance my spiritual life with my work life.  (BTW, I have what some would call one of the most boring day jobs in the world, but because of this seraph I can do a 10 hour shift and be completely free of boredom, I can just sit in stillness and enjoy a quiet mind, I get less distressed by things... I don't need entertainment now to be satisfied.)  Metatron is the best influence for mental health, he makes mindfulness a cakewalk, for one.  He wasn't able to help me so much with things like self love, confidence, and courage, that was more of a Virgin Mary thing, but certainly my psychology has improved in leaps and bounds.  If you can invoke this guy, DO IT!


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