Sunday, 28 October 2018

Cobra stuff...

I know a lot of honkeys are in love with the idea of having a spirit/power animal or totem, so on the surface, talking about this seems irrelevant to legitimate spirituality, considering I'm a honkey myself, but it seems like I am one of the few who actually has a real one, because of the kind of path I am on.  I sought what animal it could be for many years, had some Eagle and Coyote symbolism come up here and there in visions and experiences where I felt like my energy body was perhaps "shapeshifting" (the body of course did not, but it felt like another layer of me was taking on the form of various animals).  So for the longest time, I really thought I was an Eagle, because of some crystal clear visions I had of a bald eagle while smoking ceremonial tobacco.  I later found out that according to medicine wheel spirituality, tobacco is associated with Eagle, so that's probably why - plus I get the sense I saw the eagle because it was Spirit's way of presenting itself.

It was only around Christmas time of 2017 that Cobra presented itself to me, while I was having a spiritual flare up.  It was jarring at first - my spine would arch like an erect cobra, and I felt the sensation of the hood of the animal growing from my shoulders, plus a vision of the cobra came to mind, but in such a way that it felt like I was the snake, not just seeing one in my mind's eye.  This happened several times until I began to worry it was a negative sign, then it seemed to back down.  Once things levelled out again, it returned, this time I was calm enough to take it in, and I began to realize it was my animal.  The channel described it as such as well.  I later bought a wooden cobra statue to place on my shrine to represent it.

I don't know enough about my relationship with Cobra just yet, only that it has strong ties to both Shiva and Vishnu - Nataraja (the dancing Shiva of consciousness) and Vishnu both being gods who sit on my shrine, as those whom I work with.  Also, snakes are related to the presence of active kundalini, something I suspect plays a part in some way with my growth, and how I was able to mature.  Here's what else the web says about cobra people, take it or leave it, because this may be some silly plastic shaman shit for all I know:

•Cobras are associated with deadliness, danger and threat, magic and protection, royalty and power, and strength.  I hear cobras are actually relatively gentle unless provoked, and then they're among the most venomous creatures in the world, able to kill a full grown elephant with one bite.  I consider myself a gentle person, but once enraged, the legendary Taurean temper comes out, and then I am a bit like a Bond villain or something, but that's incredibly rare.  I have learned to tame my anger.

•Cobra people are proud, self-reliant, persistent, determined, intelligent, and mysterious.  They do not give up easily.  I would say that a lot of that is true for me.

•They have strong personalities, are committed to their goals, are charismatic but controlling and not necessarily easy to deal with.  They should not be provoked or could retaliate to protect themselves and those they care about.  That also makes sense!

There's also some stuff that comes up about being artistic, magical, knowledgeable and wise.  There's talk about both craving solitude but also being social, which is true for me, being an ambivert.  It also mentions a strong and strict personality, which is true as well, a quality I grew into as I began to discipline myself spiritually - I have no patience for cowards who make excuses, for one thing.  I may be a clown in many ways but I do not tolerate bullshit very well.

I am still trying to figure out what this animal means to me personally, but that's what the web had to say about it.  I have to admit I was kind of thrilled to learn I had an affiliation with such a strong, magnificent creature - I was expecting some bird or something.  Again, this seems legit - it's not like I found this out from some guided visualization CD or anything... this was an extremely powerful experience.


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