Thursday, 18 October 2018


Perhaps it's a bit bold and out there to post a nude self portrait, but I don't give a shit.  This piece, 'Anahata', is of course named after the heart centre chakra.  The shape of the chakra itself is in the background in green, and a bloodied heart rests in the foreground on my chest.  (Some Sacred Heart symbolism here.)  The serpent and wings was a kind of caduceus/kundalini reference at the time, long before I came to realize the animal of my soul is the Cobra, which makes it even more fitting now.  The cross indicates the protection and presence of Christ in my life. 

When I painted this, I was just trying to imply in my expression that I'm gazing downward, but in the end I painted an extremely pained look in my face, which is interesting, because I have endured a great deal of agony and heartbreak, so it works.  I threw some psychedelic lines in the background, something that has become somewhat of a signature in my art.

Acrylics on canvas, with gold pen and sharpie for details.


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