Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Yo, I really am getting the sense that the shithead demon who attacked me is dead!

The channel insists it is gone, my soul feels less of a sense of anxiety, church is now a fascinating experience full of joy (through channels I receive)... so it's probably over.  I get the feeling there may be some toxins in my system built up from this experience, so now I am working to rid myself of them through prayer, and my subconscious is a little confused.  Also, I am still growing, have only just reached Makara point of Upper Ajna in the soul, and am waiting for that to fully manifest.  (I actually have some performance anxieties about Hallowe'en this year for tarot - might have to either offer free readings to be safe, or by donation, if I don't feel 100% confident by then... toxins can really muck up the channel.  Some people I read really well... others, it's stifled.  That could lead to major embarrassment, using the intuitive method I have devised.  It's a matter of growth and experimentation at this point, I am sure.)

I keep wondering why on earth this demon insisted it was Satan - killing the legitimate Devil would be out killing Hitler killing Hitler... but it won't be something I believe until Pope Francis wants to meet me for a Starbucks.  So I take that tidbit with a grain of salt, and laugh over how absurd the whole thing is.  Best to focus on how much better things are now, and grow the soul.  I'm sure this kind of thing happens a lot with soul possession, right?  I don't know... there are enough horror movies out there about it, anyway.

At the very least, the whole thing became a means to connect with the Divine in a major way, and I have many spiritual friends now, so I am excited to see where that leads me.


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