Saturday, 29 September 2018


Another art piece - this is based on some of the esoteric/occult/etc symbolism I experimented with spiritually at the beginning of my journey, right before my life began to fall apart, a story I might discuss on here in further detail down the line.  Not going to go into all the crazy details with this one, but this is kind of supposed to represent some sort of enlightenment thing, or path towards God.  The details are rather forgotten about, as far as what all of it meant, but I remembered the symbols, since I kept getting this through automatic drawing over and over again.  I began to realize there might have been some spiritual backlash from experimental spell craft I practised with this stuff, and I was only able to alleviate that in the past few months.  The painting, however, was something I felt compelled to produce, and I like the end result of the piece itself.

Clearly this is the Medicine Wheel (in this case with a kind of "8" shape passing through it, representing power), the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and the Lemniscate (here it represents Yin and Yang, with the two dots), plus the Eye of God.  At this point I would say it means nothing but that it just looks kind of cool.  lol


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