Saturday, 29 September 2018

Akasha and Tarot readings...

Recently I was able to connect to Akasha and begin a new journey of channeling "psychic" messages using tarot as a staple divination tool in the process.  For many years I have had the kinetic mechanism of channeling and automatic handwriting, but without Akasha it kind of went nowhere.  Nevertheless, I kept receiving a spiral symbol when I picked up a pen, among other symbols, and it was only recently that I figured out how to invoke Akasha through prayer, going through "Infinity"(which was another symbol I would receive a lot of in my writings and drawings).  When I work with invocation, I like to do what I call "spiritual networking" (calling upon one invoked source to help me invoke another, even higher source).  I find it far more effective than simply praying to the source from my level and hoping for the best.  Usually I get a sign such as through channel that the source may have been invoked, and I go from there.

Anyway, other symbols I kept getting were the Spade and Club symbols of playing cards, and I was able to interpret that I would soon be using tarot cards as a form of divination.  My method is much different than the standard method readers use - I don't use spreads, I don't even shuffle.  Rather, I use the entire set of major and minor arcana cards, I go through every card in the deck, until Akasha gets me to kinetically draw one and then I vocally channel a message affiliated with the archetype of the card.  What's quite fascinating is that I don't even have a rich knowledge of the tarot to begin with, so sometimes it would draw a minor arcana card I didn't know enough about, I'd channel something, and later look up the card online to find that the message was in line with the general meaning of the archetype!
This is still pretty new to me, I don't think I am at my peak performance level with it just yet, but so far my readings for others have been pretty spot on.  One exercise I like to do is to ask a friend to name or think of a person I have never met, then I draw cards from the deck and channel a description of their personhood, and pretty much it's been accurate every time.  So something is coming through that's working, as I was never able to do this before.  I think my psyche was burdened with a spiritual problem, I was in my own personal unconscious, without access to Akasha, and so there were times I thought I was psychic but it really was more of the subconscious feeding information, nothing more.

Currently I use a standard Rider-Waite deck, a Tao I Ching oracle deck, and even a silly Doreen Virtue deck that is kind of like a Magic 8 ball "basic bitch" deck for simple answers.  A fun exercise is to ask personality questions of famous figures, and see what Akasha is willing to reveal.  My grandpa is impossible to read though - I later found out from Mom that he was very Catholic and would not appreciate it, so that would explain things.  When I asked about my own personal archetypes, it says I mostly have been projecting the Queen of Cups personality wise, but that my true self is the High Priestess.  When I am angry, I become the King of Swords (yeah, so don't fuck with me!), and my "flirting style" is The Fool (in this case, it means I clown around, I try to make people laugh to show my affection).

Not sure if I have a future as a tarot lady or not, but this has at least been a great tool for self exploration and perception of how to proceed with my soul.  I might do some Akashic readings for this blog later, to see what the records have to say about certain things as I progress.  Could be interesting!


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